It is possible to use the GCB for screening of crystallizati Print

It is possible to use the GCB for screening of crystallization conditions?

Yes, it is. I'm working on optimizing the screening capability of the counter-diffusion techniques but I have not yet a complete protocol for it. My suggestion, for now, is the following one:

  • Use 0.1 mm capillary to minimize the volume of protein.
  • Select your preferred screening (Hampton Screening, etc).
  • Put each one of the chemical cocktail in the GCB.
  • Fill the 0.1 mm capillary with the protein solution at a reasonable concentration (10 to 20 mg/ml).
  • Put the capillary in the guide and be sure that the lower end is soaked by the chemical cocktail.
  • Note that you can use the same cocktail for six different proteins (three if you test two protein concentrations.
  • If nothing happens after two days, remove the chemical cocktail and replace by the same one at higher concentration.