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It is possible to use the GCB for screening of crystallization conditions?

Yes, it is. I'm working on optimizing the screening capability of the counter-diffusion techniques but I have not yet a complete protocol for it. My suggestion, for now, is the following one:

  • Use 0.1 mm capillary to minimize the volume of protein.
  • Select your preferred screening (Hampton Screening, etc).
  • Put each one of the chemical cocktail in the GCB.
  • Fill the 0.1 mm capillary with the protein solution at a reasonable concentration (10 to 20 mg/ml).
  • Put the capillary in the guide and be sure that the lower end is soaked by the chemical cocktail.
  • Note that you can use the same cocktail for six different proteins (three if you test two protein concentrations.
  • If nothing happens after two days, remove the chemical cocktail and replace by the same one at higher concentration.