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Take the release offer that we have available:

1 GCB Dominó + 1 24-PRECIP-KIT = 160 €


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New documentary!! A journey into the depths of the Earth in search of the most beautiful treasures of the mineral world, to explain one of its great mysteries: The roman mines of Lapis Specularis, the geode of Pulpí, the mine of El Teniente (Chili) and the Cueva de los Cristales de Naica.
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Triana Science & Technology was born out of the idea of giving solutions to the problems of crystallization and crystallography in strategic fields like Biomedicine, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Material Sciences. Triana Science & Technology is widely qualified to face most difficult problems of crystallization and crystallography.

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Triana Science & Technology offers a crystallization kit designed to help you to grow your own spectacular giant crystal following a simple method in just two days!!!